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Grab your buddies, white onesies and Tulip® One-Step Tie-Dye Kit® for a memorable baby shower! Creating Tie Dye Onesies is a super enjoyable activity along with the mom-to-be will adore dressing infant in habit onesies! #ad #TieDyeYourSummer

I understand what you are thinking — tie dye is cluttered, planning a celebration is a great deal of work — why on Earth would anyone want to do such items in precisely the exact same moment? Guess what, I will simplify this for you. To begin with, utilizing the Tulip® One-Step Tie-Dye Kit® is enjoyable, easy and there is no mess! Secondly, you do not need to throw an elaborate celebration to have pleasure — some wonderful friends, some yummy food, and this enjoyable action are all you want!.


The Way to Produce a Tie Dye Party

Maintain the celebration small and easy. Tie expiring onesies for your mom-to-be is an excellent activity to do together with 6 individuals. Ask guests to bring onesies (bibs are adorable, too!) Which are 100% cotton. Stop by the Tulip site for decoration and other celebration ideas. Then, buy the Tulip® One-Step Tie-Dye Kit® — it’s about $28 in Walmart — that comprises:

  • 18 squeeze bottles Using One-Step Dye powder in
  • 6 pairs of gloves
  • 6 Collections of rubber bands
  • Two table covers
  • Education guide

Now prepare for the sources, because we’ve got lots for you!

To begin with, you may download this enjoyable invitation at no cost! Print on cardstock and cut out the 5×7 cards. For the best results, I suggest taking this into a backup center like Staples or Kinkos.

This graphic is property of Juggling Act Mama.

Check out all of the free tie dye themed printables here.


Tie-Dye Tips

  1. Use 100% Organic fiber Cloth only (Silk, Cotton, rayon, wool)
    -Polyester won’t dye…never ever ever
    -50/50 t-shirts imply 50 percent of those fibers are welding and also the final job will seem dull and washed out
  2. Don’t add water to dye till you’re ready to utilize it. Employ dye to cloth over 24 hours after mixing.
  3. Get your cloth fully wet, then totally wrung out, before applying dye. This produces the dye soak in the material immediately, which reduces the amount of dye you desire per job (cheaper!).
  4. Maintain dyed fabric coated with plastic (Ziploc bags work great) to stop it from drying out; fabric which dries until the dye is completed setting may lead to poorer color concentration and less intensity.
  5. Utilize plastic shoe boxes. This retains excess dye within the box and easy to clean up
    Watch this movie to get some terrific suggestions on setting up a Tie Dye Station in the baby shower.


Tie Dye : Stickers & a Squirt Bottle

We tried two or three different procedures, one of my favorites contained using foam decals which you could also buy as Walmart. We utilized the foam decals to create designs and patterns. With this approach, you would like the cloth dry. Subsequently using inexpensive spray bottles, then we squirted about the dye. With this particular one, I overlapped yellow and blue to make green.

  1. Disperse the onesie onto a plastic surface
  2. Insert the dye to squirt bottles
  3. Set the decals, then squirt
  4. Allow to dry, repeat on the buttocks
  5. Wash & wear


Tie Dye : Crumple

I figure I used more of a ‘scrunch’ than a ‘Crumple’ with this onesie. I believe that it’s a tad harder to get such a little bit of fabric crumbled the identical manner. In any event, this includes a wonderful splotchy appearance to it that I adore. Here is how to take action:

  1. Moist cloth, wring dry
  2. scrunch the fabric together
  3. Squirt dye, reverse & replicate
  4. Tote for 6-8 hours
  5. Wash & wear

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