The way to Throw a Sprinkles Baby Shower

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A dot is a little scale baby shower where guests “sprinkle” the new mother with the small necessities she wants to your new bundle of pleasure. It’s usually not a full-fledged “shower”, but only a light sprinkling of presents.

You’re Invited


Every mother deserves to be spoiled with the arrival of a new baby. This darling printable invitation layout is ideal for a “dot” baby bath.

Sprinkled with Confetti


These paper wall dots include the perfect pop of color to this celebration! With a few basic supplies, it is possible to make them in moments and make a focus for the party. Learn how to make a wall of confetti.

Confetti Balloons


Want to liven the party up space? Merely add massive confetti balloons. Fill giant, clear balloons with cut tissue paper and replenish. See how to make a giant confetti balloon.

Sprinkle Heart Cake


A magnificently decorated cake may create an impression in any bathtub. Tie in with the motif by including a center filled with sprinkles to your standard white frosted cake. Place cake on a fair pedestal for the ideal presentation.  Click here to download the heart-shaped template and then get the instructions. 

Macaroons Sprinkled with Love


French macaroons are welcome in any party. Bend them in the subject by adding sprinkles in the form of a heart. Not up to your struggle of baking macaroons? Purchase them from your favorite bakery and put in the hearts once you get home.

Sweet Donuts


Who does not love a donut? Readily jazz store-bought plain donuts with the addition of icing and sprinkles. This is an ideal idea for a daytime sprinkle.

Tower of Donuts


Stack the donuts on a cake rack, drizzle with icing, top with sprinkles and insert that this adorable printable “Sprinkled with Love” flag. Simply download, print, cut and attach to some very long lollipop stick using hot glue or tape. Click here to download the printable flags.

Garnish with Sprinkles


Prior to pouring the drink, paint the rim of the glass using corn syrup. Fill a saucer or basin using sprinkles and holding the glass parallel to the surface, then dip the rim in the sprinkles. Hint: Examine your sprinkles to be certain they do not stain your guests’ mouths. If the colors run, make certain to serve the beverages with adorable straws.

Signature Mocktail + Cocktail


1 way to bring a unique touch to any event is to produce signature drinks. As it’s baby shower, make sure you offer you a non-alcoholic model for your own mommy-to-be. Cherry lemonade (spiked or not) is the best pink beverage for this motif.

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