Second Baby Shower Ideas

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Baby showers are particular events full of excitement; first-time moms-to-be is going to probably be doted on and showered with the items they will need for their new little one. People today really like to purchase small infant outfits and baby wash and swaddle accessories and blankets. But then the first baby? The guidelines for observing new babies get a little fuzzier.
I have a sense that many etiquette specialists would likely say no, however, I think that each and every pregnancy and infant deserves to be celebrated. It is not about the presents, but observing the introduction of a human life! Here are a couple entertaining alternative baby shower tips for how you can do precisely that.
So, why don’t you spoil yourself rather! Try out at least one of these topics for the ideal mom-centered baby shower!


  • Host a woman’s night in.

Despite the fact that I’m planning to have my third baby, it is still fun to get together with friends and celebrate the coming arrival of fresh life. Nevertheless, with No. 3, the event gets a lot more low key, which is really ideal.

Some friends are hosting a small wine and cookie cutter night for me personally. It is going to be later in the day (i.e. post-bedtime as the majority of us already have children), and friends can bring booze (or even some thing nonalcoholic) or their favorite cookies to share. We are going to hang out and talk about life and motherhood, and that I can not wait!


  • Girly Sleepover Baby Shower

This is particularly great if you’re getting out of town guests.

Client’s Attire: Enjoy your visitors arrive inside their frilliest PJs and slippers!

Decorations: These may incorporate a makeover region where you are able to lay out various colors of nail polish, lipsticks, eye-shadows, various brushes, and plenty of mirrors. On the other end of the space, have a floor area full of cushions and blankets put in the front of a TV and DVD player with a massive choice of chick flicks.

Gifts: Gifts may also be in a maternity theme, together with PJs for infant, infant monitors, as well as pretty PJs for your mom-to-be.

Refreshments: Slumber party food like popcorn, cocoa, and biscuits are essential! For even more enjoyable, bake a few biscuits beforehand and slice with infant cookie cutters, then have all of your guests decorate their own cookies for a candy treat that they can later take home.

Games & Entertainment: Perform a version of Tinkle from the Pot with everyone material pillows down their tops. The women should then put a quarter between their race and knees to the opposite end of the area where they must then attempt to ditch it in a jar. Whoever has the maximum quarters into her jar inside a particular period wins. Besides this, you might have a masseuse come in to provide the women all seat messages and if the budget permits, spice things up and host the shower at a nearby bed and breakfast or in a spa resort.


  • Craft it up

Some buddies and I did so until the arrival of my son. We had snacks and spent a day crafting. I worked on matters for my son’s nursery and everybody else brought anything craft job that they were currently working on. We had an opportunity to become more creative and effective, while also having an enjoyable time talking and relaxing. It had been the perfect, easy action to bond over earlier Baby arrived.


  • Chip in for a practical group gift.

First babies get too tired in the present department, and from the time more infants come, it is very likely that households are habituated with the majority of the infant items they require. Rather than getting a new costume or a bunch of drapes, a set gift may be a fantastic thing to do.

Collect up family and friends to surprise that the mama-to-be using a sensible gift that would not normally be on a registry. , gift cards to get takeout in her favourite restaurants, a massage, or perhaps a gift card to Amazon to help her buy a few items to liven up Baby’s brand new nursery. Consider what your buddy would most love, and group up with a team to attempt to make it happen. Your buddy will love it!

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