Candyland Baby Shower Theme

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It was a quick game or somewhat faster game than any other ones we had, and that I liked the simplicity of it.

Fast forward twenty years, and I found myself happily playing it once more with my own kids. Candy Land is now such a cherished classic that there’s hardly any doubt that it could be an amazing way to celebrate the coming of a new infant.

This motif is can be as straightforward as the game itself and just as sweet and all it requires is a few properly placed decorations, the perfect sort of food and the perfect invitation.

Ahhhh, babies!The most precious gift in the world; and the expectation of bringing you into the ground deserves a party, enter baby showers!

So I thought I’d share a fantastic baby shower theme idea for any mothers-to-be, Candy Land!


Candyland Baby Shower Decoration

First and foremost would be the glowing colors.

You might even use brightly colored throw pillows, and blankets to incorporate additional color and depth to your own decorating. Both of them also make a space much cozier for guests because some prefer to get a cushion or two onto a seat.

Seeing as you’re using a Candy Land theme, it’s only appropriate that you’ve got a copy of the match outside on a desk. Set it up like individuals will be playing it but take a small number of cards and fan them out together with the plan to give it more of a decorative texture. Guests may fool around with the match or they could merely admire how you utilized it into your own decorations.

Another excellent option for decorations would be to put up small ornaments around the area that contain clowns and candy. These may be given out as prizes throughout the matches or they are sometimes supplied to the mother to be for the child’s nursery or mailbox.

Finally, among the greatest features of the Candy Land game would be that the colored squares. Even though you are able to create your own squares with newspaper on the ground, it’s not the best choice because people are able to slip on the newspaper. Alternatively, you can tape paper squares into the walls to produce your own variant or the sports board across the area. If you’re having the party in your home, you can flip your path into a candy land board by simply producing squares with sidewalk chalk or sidewalk paint. If your guests arrive, they could walk down the colored route into a baby shower that’s certain to be remembered for many years.


Candyland Baby Shower Invitation

If you will be buying your invitations, then I would advise that you locate an invitation which includes a lollipop or some type of candy. There are lots of out there and all of these possess a burst of color, which is indeed reminiscent of the Candy Land game board.

Another excellent idea is to discover a real Chocolate Property invitation. There are many accessible catalogs and on the internet, but most are created for birthdays rather than for showers.

The previous suggestion I would result in an invitation is to produce a game plan of multicolored paper setup such as the Candy Land game itself.

If You’re a little stumped for your own invitation wording, I’d recommend:

“Down vibrant pathways, over Rainbow Trails, beyond Peppermint Forests and Gumdrop Pass, you’re encouraged to observe the sweetest of experiences. (Mother) will be honored to meet you at Candy Castle to observe the soon to be coming off her very own small gumdrop.”


Candyland Baby Shower Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

Happily, most baby things have a tendency to do this so there’s absolutely no limitation to the choice which you are able to make for the mother to be.

With the wrap, it’d be helpful to mention that you’d like it if guests may wrap gifts in candy or vivid prints wrap paper. This may tie in well to your motif and you really can utilize the gifts to accentuate your own decorations.

For guests, the ideal gift tote is to get any made up out of a candy store. Locate a local chocolate store or a candy shop and create some little gift bags. If you would like to do them yourself, locate a local majority store and begin stocking up. 1 word of advice using candies gift bags is that it’s excellent to through something different in there, like a great CD or publication and also to maintain the gift bags little because most individuals do not need a huge bag full of candy.

Prizes may also have the candy motif however, you may really move away from directly candy. Rather than giving a lollypop for a decoration, why don’t you offer you a lollypop pen? If you still need something sweet, then why not possess a little coffee basket for a decoration and have a few after dinner mints and a few sugar sticks for stirring. The secret is to have the pleasure and actually play around with all the prizes.


Candyland Baby Shower Food

Alright, you’re now at the preparation stage in which you want to think about the food. Although I’m a huge fan of using a large choice of meals for guests, you’re likely to need to play up the entire Candy Land theme on your food choices. Be certain that you provide a massive choice of desserts to delight your visitors.

You may even add images onto the candy.

Remember; yet, that though your bathtub has a candy theme, not everybody has a sweet tooth so be certain that you provide food which has a little more stuff to them such as sausage sandwiches, egg rolls or fresh fruit. Also make sure you get some salty snacks like chips, pretzels, or even nuts.

When you put out your meals, decorate the table with squares of colored paper organized the table down such as the game board itself. On the occasional square, put out a bowl or bowl of food so that it gives the look that palms will need to wander down avenues to locate tasty little snacks.

Finish off with multi-colored serving meals and napkins and place out a couple of little bowls in involving the main dishes which are filled with small candies that guests could adore.


Candyland Baby Shower  Games

There are several unique games which you could play while maintaining it geared towards the Candy Land motif but do not feel that all of your matches must fit your theme. Bear in mind that Candy Land is all about the candy thing so any “candy” game is going to do. With this theme, I’d advocate Candy in a Bottle, also Bubble Gum Infants filed by Becky. Personalized candy may be utilized in the games also.

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